Immediately after making a written covenant with Jesus Christ,

Holy Spirit gave vision and a command to Leray Heyne to establish a Storehouse for Jesus, His Companies, and His CEOs. This is why Windows of Heaven is called Jesus’ Storehouse and business owners who live in covenant and have consecrated their company’s to the Lord are named Jesus Christ’s CEOs™, Christ’s Executive Officers. (Malachi 3:–12, Jeremiah 7:10-11) )


Jesus Christ’s CEOs™ | Holy Spirit's SEAL TEAM!


Institute Mandate, enlist and build a global army of one million

Jesus Christ’s CEOs ™.  


Army’s Mission, restore in all nations the preeminence of Jesus Christ in business. The ultimate unfair competitive advantage! 


Institute Strategy, equip CEOs and the ekklesia of their companies “how-to-do” business habitually in communion with God Holy Spirit. 


Institute Cost? A CEOs life otherwise FREE. ( Luke 14:25-33)


ENLIST in this elite (anointed) CEOs special-forces today. 

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